Thoughts after two days of organizing my office:

Manly and I are always bemoaning the lack of closet space in our house.  Our house is pushing 45 years old, and the only storage it has are the three bedroom closets, one tiny hall coat closet, and the linen closet in the bathroom.  We do have storage space in the crawl space and Manly has floored some storage into both attics around the doors (we have a tri-level house and the attics aren’t connected), but you can’t put anything sensitive to environmental change in those areas.  The crawl space tends to flood when we get heavy rains and the attic gets ungodly hot and dry in the summer. 

Really though, I think we would have enough closet space, were it not for our dreadful lack of actual furniture.  After 5 years of marriage, we only have three pieces of furniture that we actually purchased: our bed, the matching bedside tables, and a DVD rack.  Everything else we own is a hand-me-down from someone in the family or a leftover from my poor college student days.  As a result, my guest closet has to double as my china cabinet.  Since our kitchen still has the original 1960’s cabinets, which were built in by someone who had obviously never used a kitchen (thank you 1960’s sexism and gender roles), things like my big turkey-roasting pan don’t fit anywhere down there.  And my wine glasses are too tall to fit on the shelves in the cabinets.  If I had something like a buffet or a wine bar or, heaven-forbid, an actual china cabinet, I could move everything out of the closet and into the kitchen or the dining room.  The other closet in the “office” is filled with book, files, and my notes from school.  Hello, bookshelves, anyone? 

It just seems like everytime I decide to “fix” one of the rooms, there’s something else that has to be done first.  For example, to clear out all the cookbooks from upstairs, I need somewhere in the kitchen to put them.  To put a buffet in the dining room, I need to move a large fish tank.  And to move the fish tank, I have to know where it’s going in the sitting room.  Which I haven’t decided what to do with yet.  Sigh.  I really need to make friends with an interior decorator.  Anyone want to come visit me in the lovely Huntsvegas?  I have a guest room you can use, as long as you don’t mind the appliances and silverware in the closet!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts after two days of organizing my office:

  1. I used to live in an apartment building built around 1918. It had some lovely features, but closets wasn’t one of them! There were a grand total of two closets: one in each bedroom. We got a blanket chest, under the bed storage containers, various shelves, but we still had the cat carrier just sitting out, pushed discretely (we hoped) against the wall.

  2. I say start with your kitchen! New cabinets aren’t too pricey and many places will include an install fee and set them up for you. Or find some old retired geezer with a wood shop in his (or her) garage and hire them to solve your storage needs.
    The last house we lived in in ‘bama was around 60 years old and actually had more closets than bedrooms. My GM new the previous owners and wouldn’t you know it was the wife that drew up the plans to the house!

  3. Organizing always seems to take way more effort than is originally intended. There is some sort of chain reaction that always occurs and a one day project lasts for two weeks!!! Good luck. 🙂

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