Balancing Act

Today is pay day for me.  You know what that means, right?

*Cue omminous music*

It’s time to balance the checkbook.

No! No! Anything but that!  Aaahhh!

Ahem.  Obviously I didn’t get all of the halloween out of my system.  So the checkbook thing.  Is something that I have always, always hated to do.  It just seems like a redundant activity.  I have a spreadsheet that I’ve used to keep my budget for the last four years (I used a different one for the three years before that), so I know which bills have to be paid out of each check and give myself a fixed allowance to spend on groceries, gas, and new bathroom accessories.  Everything extra after those items gets transferred into my savings account.  After two engineering degrees, I’ve mastered the art of subtracting my purchase amounts from my allowance “balance” and keeping the running total in my head.  If I ever have a question, I can look online at my real-time balance and check.

If it were not for my husband, that’s all I would ever do.   But, no-ooo, Manly wants to be able to look at my checkbook and know to the penny how much money I have in the bank.  Not that he ever does, because it’s none of his business.  I think he just wants it that way in case I suddenly drop dead and he becomes an rich man (as if my measly checkbook balance compares to my life-insurance policy).  So every pay day, I copy down all of the info off of the bank website for the previous two weeks, and then pencil in all the info from the spreadsheet for all upcoming bills that I’m about to pay. 

Actually, let me amend that.  Most every pay day, I do that.  As of this morning, I realized that the last entry in my register was … September 21.  That’s right, I haven’t balanced my book in over a month.  Which should tell you what happends after pay day morning — nothing for the next two weeks. 

Sigh.  Some days, I don’t know why I bother.


5 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. My husband keeps a giant spreadsheet and writes down every receipt we have. It’s pretty scary when you see where your money actually goes, sometimes!

  2. GOOD LORD girlm cani hire you as our financial advisor..I need help in that department. I pay the bills ontime but i suck at balancing the bank account. My husband makes me keep every receipt – i am not that structured

  3. We are a quickbooks household I’m afraid. Actually, my wonderful husband keeps the books because if I did, we would be in a horrible mess. I hope that everything worked out and you can put the dreaded checkbook behind you!

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