Test Time

No, not that kind of test.

Tomorrow, I sit for my professional license exam.  It’s an eight-hour test designed to test my experience as a practicing professional over the last four years. 

I am freaking the fuck out.

I’ve studied and planned for the last six weeks, but I’m still extremely nervous.  The test is “scaled” to itself, so there’s no knowing beforehand how many questions I have to get right to pass.  I can only do my best and hope it’s enough.

I feel a little … selfish, almost, doing this.  But I want to ask each of you who stops by to say a little prayer or think a good thought for me some time during the day tomorrow.  It really does help me to know that there are people out there thinking about me and cheering me on. 

I appreciate it.


21 thoughts on “Test Time

  1. I’ll be praying for you even as I’m praying for me and taking the test at the same time! Whoo – can my brain handle that? I’m am also freaking out, but that’s mostly because I know I haven’t studied as much as I could have or should have. But – I didn’t study for the EIT either, and I passed that one. I better not bank on that though; all I know is I can’t sit for it in April!
    Best of luck to you!

  2. I am confident you will do well.

    It’s too bad they don’t make people sit through 8 hours of testing to get a driver’s license though…

  3. Give me an S…S!

    Give me an H…H!

    Give me an A-R-A-H! Arah! Arah! Arah, she rocked the test! She did her best and got a great score and all was fine in the end!

    Go Sharah!!!

  4. Good luck with the test! I remember helping my husband take his professional certification exam (brings back memories of flash cards when I quizzed him on certain subjects). It was a little nerve-wracking, but he passed just fine!

  5. You are going to do fine. That is what I always tell myself before a big test. It sounds like you are as prepared as you can be, so it should be ok.



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