Only slightly jet-lagged…

I have three clocks with me right now.  One’s on Huntsville time, one’s on Atlanta time, and one’s on California time.  Thus, I have no idea what time it actually is.  I just know that I’m really tired.

I also know now why people move to California.  Holy cow, it is beautiful out here!  I have a “bay view” room (which means that I get to pay $300 a night to see a glimmer of water in the distance) with a balcony, and I’ve had the sliding door open since I arrived last night.  It’s been 65 at night and 75 during the day, there are flowers blooming everywhere, and it just feels so fresh compared to the heat and humidity of the Southeast. 

Braces Bunch members, you’re all being initiated into my Mile-High Club … hehehe.  I wrote half of y’all letters on the flight out here, and I’m getting the rest of you on the way home.  I’m assuming that you will all think it’s awesome to get letters written in mid-air; they’re a little stream-of-consciousness, but you should be used to that by now, right?  I thought it was really cool getting to see the country change as I flew west, and y’all all got a little taste of that.  If you were all to get together, you would be able to see what I thought starting as I crossed the Mississippi River all the way through to the Arizona mountains. 

And for everyone else, I POAS this morning —  it was negative, as expected.  Tomorrow is 14dpo, so I should have gotten a result if there was one to be had.  As such, I’m tucking away my dollar store pee-sticks for future use. 


9 thoughts on “Only slightly jet-lagged…

  1. Shoot! I wish I’d known you were in town. Now you know why I left Detroit and now live in the Bay area. It sounds silly, but if I have to be infertile, I’d rather be infertile here than most anywhere else. The beauty of the landscape and the diversity of people and thinking makes it easier to cope. Sorry to hear about the BFN.

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