Away Message

Okay gang, I’m about to head out on my whirlwind travel adventure.  I’ll be posting and commenting sporadically the during the next two weeks as I move between places with internet access.  I know I mentioned getting a beta, but I’ll be in California during that window, so it’s not going to be feasible.  I might pack a test to take with me, but that depends on whether I make it to the despised Mal-Warts or not (I’m sure you can figure that pseudonym out).

 So while I’m gone, I’m going to leave you a challenge for house points:

Bea introduced us all to Kiva earlier this year.  I was watching the T.oday (I think) this morning, and they did a segment on the program as well.  So in the spirit of helping others, because that’s what the blogworld is all about, I will offer Game Day house points to anyone who makes a Kiva loan in the next two weeks.  You get a point for every dollar you loan, i.e, a $25 loan will get you 25 points.  I don’t know how to do this on anything other than the honor system — just email me at sharahblog(at) or comment telling me how much you loaned and the profile of the person you loaned to.  When I get back, I’ll do a post presenting the results.

Enjoy your Labor Day, and I’ll see you as soon as I can!


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