Technical details: CD12 u/s this morning showed one 23mm and one 12 mm on my left ovary, and a bunch of little ones on my right.  I’ll get a call this afternoon telling me when to trigger; I suspect it will be tomorrow or Sunday.  My ovaries are all pissed off and hurt-y now — they never like being poked during my mid-cycle u/s.  Given that they’ve been bothering me for a few days already, I’m not surprised I’m this sore.

I think M said it correctly when she said that if we didn’t have some hope, then we wouldn’t be trying this at all.  But at the same time, I’m highly doubtful that this will result in a pg.  The situation reminds me of a proposal that we did at work recently — we’re pretty sure that we won’t get the job, but we had to put our hat in the ring just in case.  No one is expecting to win the bid, but if we do, it will be a very pleasant surprise.  And the flip side is that we know we wouldn’t have a chance if we didn’t at least try.  The only thing that really irks me is that I’m going to get my period the weekend that Manly and I are heading to Northern City for a family wedding. 

Who knows, maybe I’ll go in for a beta this time?  I guess I should get at least one this year, huh?

7 thoughts on “CD12

  1. I will definitely be hoping for you. I think you should get a beta too…and if I have anything to say about it I think it should be a nice strong positive number….how’s that.

    Man hoping for you is so much easier than myself. I really really do hope for you.

  2. I hope this is your beta, really really hope.

    Good luck with the PhD, have you decided whether you are going to do it? I am so impressed that you are doing this.

    Holding thumbs for your cycle.

  3. I hope the trigger went well!

    I know you are lacking in the hope department right now but I’m throwing some in on your behalf. Fingers crossed!

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