I can’t seem to focus long enough to get something written, so here are the random points I was trying to string together:

  • Did I tell you all that I was accepted into my Ph.D program?  I got the paperwork last week, and classes start tomorrow.  I’m already just wanting this to be over with and wondering if I made the right decision to go ahead with it.
  • I’m also taking my big bad professional licensing exam in a few months.  Another friend of mine is also taking it, and we start our studying regime tomorrow.  This scares me more than the PhD, because if I don’t pass, it will be a year before I can attempt it again. 
  • I have a game day post drafted in my head, but forgot to pull the actual quote (as opposed to my memory of it) to write it out.  So here’s your 2-minute warning: there will be a quiz coming soon, so be prepared.
  • I also have secured the final game day prize.  Explanation and pictures coming soon.
  • I’m feeling way better about my SIL’s pg.  I’m still jealous as hell, but I’m getting excited that there will be a cute little niece pretty soon.  I’m almost positive that I will be perfectly fine with the babe — it’s the pg itself that I envy.
  • I can feel my right ovary.  As I’m only on CD8, this is bothering me.  I don’t normally feel them this early, if at all. 
  • If this cycle fails, I will start bleeding when I’m on an out of state trip.  There’s a very good chance that we will have to skip the next cycle due to timing, especially if Dr. Local recommends that we move to IUI.

Okay, going home.  Apologize for the bad grammar and lack of sentence structure, but some days you have to take what you get.  Love y’all!

11 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Congratulations! Also, I loved the candle. Thank you for doing such a beautiful thing for your sistas while you’re in the midst of a sad time.

  2. Most excellent news on the PhD. You should be very proud of yourself — how many people can stay focused enough on such a major personal accomplishment in light of all of the distractions and hurdles you’ve had thrown in your path? Well done!

  3. Congratulations on the PhD program! I hope you get some answers soon to all your questions for the Doc. I’ve been reading and wondering what happened?

    I mean, a blocked or scarred tube might need a lap to open it up, right? I guess I just hope they don’t make you spend loads of money on more treatment when the test results may send you in a different direction on treatment.

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