Thank you all for your comments yesterday — they helped keep me afloat when I just wanted to go bury my head under the covers.  I wanted to explain one thing; several of you mentioned taking a break, but I don’t think that’s going to help right now.  I’m simply not in the headspace where I could be comfortable taking a cycle off.  It would be worse for me to spend a month anxious and upset than to get right back in the saddle (pun intended) and start again.  Also, I have no desire to cycle during the holidays, so I only have 2-3 more chances this year to cycle before I stop around Thanksgiving. 

CD3 bloodwork and u/s this morning, everything looked good.  Nurse ES mentioned that if this cycle doesn’t work, Dr. Local will probably want to move on to something else.  I’m assuming that “something else” is probably going to be an IUI.  The good side of that, if there is one, is that I have a return visit scheduled for the 27th to sit down and talk with the good doc about where I stand and what his plan is for the future.  I’ve got a list of questions started, and I want to see if you guys can think of anything else to add. 

  • Why isn’t this working?
  • Can you explain why I cramp all through my luteal phase?
  • What is tested during my CD3 bloodwork?  Do you ever do a beta?  Edited: I just asked Nurse ES this when she called to confirm this cycle.  They test estradiol, progesterone, Hcg, FH, and LH on day 3.  Follow-up on ~CD14 rechecks estradiol, progesterone, and FH to compare with the CD3 baseline.
  • Have I ever had a very low beta to indicate a CP?
  • What is the value of getting a beta done on 14dpo when I have a 16-day LP?
  • Why is my LP so long?
  • Why have you never tested my 7dpo progesterone levels?
  • Talk more about the HSG results.  What does the apparent blockage indicate?  How can you be sure that the tube really is open?
  • How many more cycles do you recommend before moving to IUI?
  • Will you do another HSG before an IUI?  What about a laparoscopy?
  • If we do an IUI will I need gonadatrophins or simply femara?
  • What were Manly SA results?  (Exact numbers, not just “normal”)
  • When we first started, you were very confident that simply medication and timed intercourse would work.  What are your thoughts now?

Is there anything else I need to add to that list?

Edited: Just got the go-ahead for this cycle — femara and trigger, as expected.  However, they’ve asked me to push my return visit off until September 17th “just in case” I get pg this cycle.  That will be right at the start of my next cycle, which makes sense if we need to start an IUI cycle. 


7 thoughts on “CD3

  1. i looked over my notes from the last dr’s appointment and you pretty much covered it all – except i had to ask prices because we don’t have insurqnce covereage for IF.. I am STILL arguing with my clinic over #7. Good luck to you

  2. Wow. Those are great questions that need asking. Sounds like you are having many of the same concerns that I have had (and sadly, some never got resolved), like luteal phase cramping, no progesterone testing (they tested once I got pregnant and … surprise… low!), and lack of specific numbers for SA (I got those when I asked, but they acted like it was odd for me to want them).

  3. you have a great list of questions there. i can’t think of anything to add. it’s definitely good to get the SA numbers, and to get more details from your HSG. i hate it when the docs just tell you that something is “normal” and think that is going to be enough.

    best of luck to you for this coming cycle.

  4. I missed your post before. I am so sorry you are where you are right now, but simultaneously hopeful for where you are going. Don’t forget, IFers get pregnant. They really do. Your time is coming. I am hopeful for that.

    I always carried a list of questions with me to the RE and drilled down the list every time. Information upload was always my pain killer.

    Good luck this cycle. I am thinking of you!

  5. Based on my own story, if I had it all to do over, I would ask for more tests up front. Our biggest problem wasn’t found until we got to IVF level and it basically showed that IVF w/ ICSI was our only chance. I’m sure I was just “lucky” that way, but I wish they would give patients the option up front to test everything and anything rather than have us spend thousands on treatment to save a few hundred on testing.

    So I guess I’d ask them what else can be tested at this point.

  6. I am guessing that they never checked your progesterone b/c you have a long LP. I think that sometimes their protocols are based upon statistics — many women with 14+ day long LPs don’t have low progesterone. People with short LPs (mine can be as short as 9 days!) usually have low progesterone. I think you should ask them for a day 7 progesterone test because they may not offer it to you otherwise.

    You should definitely get the S/A results, it is so important to know, and try to get more than just the count (motility, morphology, 2 hour motility, progressive motility, and volume).

    If you do IUI, make sure they do u/s twice (one at day 3 before your meds, one at day 10 before the IUI) to check for cysts and follie growth

    How long between trigger and IUI?

    Do they do back-to-back IUIs? That is another option worth looking into.

    That is all I can think of. You put together a very inclusive list.

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