Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Okay, I’ve given everyone 24 hours.  The answers are 1-D, 2-C, 3-A, and 4-B.  I don’t have an answer to 5 yet, but I’m leaning toward B.  No, A.  No, B — really, I can’t decide.  Frankly, I don’t think I’m pg.  My personal PMS includes a distinctive symptom that is not associated with pg, and I’m getting it.  I’m also having dinner with said BIL and SIL tomorrow night and I’m thinking that if I test beforehand, I will drink too much.  I imbibe too much wine when I’m in her presence anyway, and on a negative-test-day, I would proabably embarrass myself.

In any case, the whole spring-the-baby-shower-shopping-on-your-unsuspecting-wife did NOT earn Manly any points around the house.  I know why he did it (reasons having to do with the unnamed friend who went with us), but it still wasn’t very nice.  And I did choose an exquisitely hot-pink-almost-magenta bag that just screams girliness.  I’ll let y’all know how everything turns out, probably on Sunday.  Now back to your 100 Things:

  1. (This is actually 51, but I’m not screwing around with the numbering today.) I got my belly-button pierced when I was 18, just before I left for college.  I still wear a barbell in it today.
  2. I over-pronate when I walk, which I had totally forgotten about until I went shopping for running shoes yesterday.  I ended up ordering these since nothing in the stores worked for me. 
  3. I have really high arches and it’s hard for me to find boots and sandals that fit.  I can’t  hardly wear any style that cuts directly over the top of my foot.  My winter boots are actually 2 sizes too big to fit my arch height. 
  4. I bought a bath duck that tells the water temp for my SIL’s shower, but I really want to keep it for myself since it’s wearing a pirate costume and I don’t think she’ll appreciate that.
  5. I hate hate hate vacuuming (see the Dyson note earlier) so I don’t do it nearly enough.  I HAVE to do it this  weekend *sigh*.
  6. If I’m still very tense after I leave work, I’ll sometimes take an extra 15 minutes and drive through downtown on my way home.  I love cutting through the historic district and looking at all the big pretty houses.  There’s never any traffic there, so it’s very relaxing to slow down for a few minutes and dream.
  7. I decorate for two holidays: Halloween and Christmas.  I have two haunted houses that get put out at Halloween, and a half-dozen jack-o-lanterns.  Christmas, I go all out. 
  8. I play M.onopoly on my cell phone during boring meetings. One of the best $6 I ever spent.
  9. I make lists all the time.  Some of them are useful (grocery lists, errands) and some of them are just to kill time (Christmas planning, remodeling).  It keeps my hands busy instead of doodling all the time.
  10. I love journals, notecards, stationary — all those kinds of things.  But I try to not actually buy a lot of them because I never use them.  They just end up sitting around and looking pretty.

5 thoughts on “Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. i have the same problem with stationary and such. i still have BOXES of it from when i lived in Japan… many notebooks with wacky Japanese english on them does a girl need? don’t ask!

  2. Good luck the deciding A or B on #5. I will be thinking about you durin this stupid baby shower event! * and grats to you for letting Manly live -even though he sprung a not so saught after shopping trip

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