Things 41-50

41.     I really, really want a Dyson but I can’t justify the cost to myself since I only have two rooms with carpet. 

42.    I’m awed by people who can make art of any kind.  I simply do not have the ability to think up some creative idea and make it come to life. 

43.    Same thing goes with music.  While I have a great appreciation for other people’s music, the most I can do is hum lullabies and sing to myself.

44.    My favorite “foreign” cuisine is Italian – the pasta is certainly not good for my PCOS (or my hips), but I love it anyway.

45.     I cannot make biscuits to save my soul.  My godmother is probably turning over in her grave since I used to sit on her counters and watch her bake hers.  The last time I tried homemade biscuits, the dog wouldn’t eat them.  B.isquick hasn’t worked out well for me either.

46.    I have not had any luck with houseplants since we moved into this house.  I normally have a fairly green thumb, but there are so many trees that I can’t get enough light inside and I don’t like shade-only plants very much. 

47.     I’m fascinated by cultural history.  How people lived, what influenced their decisions, the day-to-day transactions of their lives are all more interesting to me than military or political history.

48.     I’ve always wanted to build airplanes.  I didn’t pursue it as a career because I didn’t think I could handle the necessary math when I was in college.

49.     I love playing miniature golf.  The more outlandish or extravagant the course is, the more I enjoy playing.  Manly, however, hates it – so I rarely get to play.

50.    I would play P.laystation all day if I got the chance.  We have a half-dozen games that I want to play but don’t have time to do so.

7 thoughts on “Things 41-50

  1. I’m surprised you say you’re not artistic. I remember you telling us about your vision board a couple of months ago. That certainly sounds artistic enough!

    Me and houseplants also do not seem to get along.

  2. We don’t have any carpets but still have a dyson – it’s great on hard floors too. Oh and don’t even ask me how many houseplants I’ve killed.

  3. Not that I’m stalking your cycle or anything, but I think you’re around 11dpo right now. Any chance of a POAS adventure? I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

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