Things 11-20 (4 dpo)

Continuing … 

11.    I wear a lot of black and white.  According to some website I found once, this means that I prefer to have clearly defined boundaries in my life: work/home, private/public, good/bad.  It’s true.

12.   I also wear heels almost every day.  I’m only 5’2”, so I’ve been wearing heels for my entire life.  I prefer heels in the 3-inch range because they let me wear “regular” length pants without having to get them hemmed.

13.   I only wear makeup 1-2 days each week.  Unless we’re going out to dinner or I’m meeting with clients, I don’t bother.

14.   I am always happier giving a gift than receiving one.  I take pride in giving thoughtful gifts that reflect the receiver.   I believe that the packaging for a gift is just as important as what’s inside. 

15.   It makes me sad that many of my friends don’t send me birthday cards.  This year I did get some text messages and m.yspace messages, which were just as good.  I think it’s because I make a point of remembering everyone’s birthday and sending them cards, so I feel slighted that they don’t put in as much effort.

16.   I wish I could live in a beach house, but I’m too paranoid about hurricanes to actually buy one.  Manly and I have discussed buying a house about 30 minutes north of the shore as a compromise.

17.   I don’t like to swim in “outside” water.  Oceans, rivers, lakes – if I can’t see the bottom (and everything that’s living in the water that could potentially bite me), I don’t go in further than my knees. 

18.   I despise voicemail.  If I could turn it off on my office phone, I would. 

19.   When my nails get long, I have this compulsion to bite them off.  I don’t bite my nails otherwise; I just can’t stand them to be too long.  Usually I keep them trimmed pretty short or I wear artificial nails.  My favorite fake nails are the B.roadway brand “real short and square, French manicure”.  They look real, my manicure doesn’t chip, and I can take them off anytime that I get tired of them.

20.  I played volleyball for 5 years in high school.  I wish I could have continued into college, but I was simply too short to play on my university team. 


4 thoughts on “Things 11-20 (4 dpo)

  1. I am the opposite about the “outdoor water”. I do not like the chlorine. Maybe because when I was little it used to make my hair turn green and I had a reaction a few other times when someone didn’t maintain their pools pH good – or maintained it too good.. love reading these – keep um coming

  2. Hee – Hee. DH and I had a discussion that reminds me of #17 while he was attempting to get back into his paddle boat. I was telling him I was afraid of sea monsters and he said I would be the richest woman on earth if that happened since we are in the smallest possible land-locked all-sports lake around in the Northern half of the USA.


  3. Loving these posts. It’s a good idea for the 2WW, I am right in the middle and can’t get myself to do anything.
    I love to swim and I made a conscious decision that if there was water, I would swim so I found your “outdoor water” thing interesting. I can understand totally, sometimes swimming in a lake I get this terrible fear a shark will come and drag me into the dark depths and I have to squash it before it kills the swim totally.

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