2dpo and n Things About Me

We are intrepid.  We carry on.
                           -Kirsten Dunst*

And carry on we did, owie or not.   

Now let us never talk of it again.** 

Artblog suggested that I do a 10 Things About Me post during the 2ww.  It made me realize that I’ve never done the classic 100 Things About Me post that every blogger is practically obligated to do.  So I’m going to spend the next 14 days working through 100 things about myself that you may or may not already know.  Ready? 

  1. I love to cook, but it’s a fairly recent skill.  When I lived with my now-SIL before we both got married, her Christmas gift to me was “Cooking for Dummies.”  She was witness to the classic exchange between me and my BIL:

Him – Do you know where chicken broth comes from?

Me – Sure, you just squeeze a chicken.

No, I’m not making that up.  We still laugh over it, even though we host their side of the family for Thanksgiving every year now. 

  1. I cry during the sad scenes of every single movie I watch.  No matter how bad the acting or cheesy the dialog, watching other people get emotional makes me tear up.  Have you ever seen “The Family Stone”?  I cried during the whole damn thing.  That’s how bad I am.
  2. My favorite CD of all time is August and Everything After by the Counting Crows.  My favorite song off of there is “Anna Begins”. 
  3. The one band I wish I could have seen on tour before they retired was Everclear.  
  4. I get extremely anxious when I have to fly for work.  Whether or not there’s someone going with me, being far enough away from home to have to get on a plane sets me on edge.  I do everything possible to not have to fly.
  5. And then there’s the fact that I’m scared of flying in the first place.  I’m terrified of heights and I can’t stand being that far up in the air.  I have to sit in the window seat so that I can see the ground.
  6. My godmother died about five years ago.  I still cry when I think of her and wish she had been able to be at my wedding.
  7. My dream house would be a huge southern plantation-style house with a giant flower garden in the back and land for an orchard.  With a modern bathroom, kitchen, and air conditioning, of course.  
  8. If I had the money, I would buy a historic house downtown.  Manly and I could afford to buy one right now, but we don’t make enough money to afford the upkeep on one.
  9. I would love to live in Washington D.C., but it’s way too expensive.  I’ve been there twice for work, and I adore the town.  One day, I’m going to take Manly and we’re going to spend a week there going through the Smithsonian Museums.

 *Mixing it up this time.  You get the quote and the actress, I want the movie title and character name in return.  10 points!**Although, because it’s my game and I can make up the rules, I’ll give 30 points to each and every one of you who’s brave enough to share your funny/painful waxing/trimming/hair control incident on your blog.  Just write it up, then come back here and give the link in the comments so we can all share our collective misery.  See, I make it worth it 🙂  


8 thoughts on “2dpo and n Things About Me

  1. Geez — you got the answer before I can even get my editing finished 🙂 So to all, I’m sorry about the freaky numbering. WordPress is pissing me off and I can’t get it labled 1-10. I’m guessing you’ll all live even if I can’t get it right?

  2. I like the thought of number seven minus the hot, balmy weather they seem to have in the movies 🙂 And number one, i’m not that bad but i do that too at times, depends on the movie 🙂

  3. Well I was going to take a flyer and since it was Kirsten Dunst, offer up Marie Antoinette (character of the same name — which surprisingly I enjoyed even though the critics panned iti). I’m just a sucker for historical dramas of any flavor.

    As for an entry in my hair control category — suffice to say I’ve been known to have a few nicks along the way, too. I can’t post on my blog because me mother and others check out my thoughts from time to time! 😉

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