First, thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes!  I got flowers from Manly, and we went out to dinner.  My official “present” was a flat-screen tv for the bedroom, but we got it a few months ago when it was on clearance.

Second, I’m trying to put together a real post, but work is kicking my ass right now.  Mentally, I am shot.

Third, triggered yesterday morning.  So in theory, I should ovulate sometime this evening.  But I have a minor problem — and if you don’t consider me a close friend, you might want to skip on out of here.  Clear?  Okay.  How do I say this discreetly?  Hell, forget that.  There’s no way to say this nicely.  I trimmed my pubes the other night on the expectation of upcoming birthday/ovulation sexy times.  I either nicked the skin in a sensitive spot, or I have a hair that’s now getting ingrown, because I have an owie in a very delicate area.  That’s going to make it so much fun tonight.  Yeah.  Quit laughing.  It’s not funny!


9 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I hung around for the whole post, and I am so very sorry that you are having to deal with that! Maybe a little doctor role play is in order for your ovulation sexy time! 🙂

  2. Oh girl….I feel for you…hopefully the moment will take over…and you won’t notice…any chance of that?

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Sorry, I’m not laughing at you. I swear! Ok, hang on let me get some composure….ok…

    I’ve soooo had that happened before, and with that said I’m sending you my sincerest sympathies.

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