Sidenote (before I even get started): I am one of the few people in the world who did not buy HP7 at 12:01 am Saturday morning.  So if you wrote about it, I skipped your entry.  I’m trying not to get spoiled before I even buy the book.  I’ll catch up with you as soon as I can.  Please don’t tell me anything until then!

Okay.  U/s and bloodwork this morning.  The most excellent vampyre was working this morning so I didn’t feel the slightest prick in my veins, and that was a very good start to the day.  New wandmonkey … let’s go with Nurse Cutie … did the check.  Very polite, she even asked if I minded her doing the check since Nurse ES was busy with another patient.  I’m showing two large-ish follicles on each ovary.  Right O had a 14 and a 16, Left O had two around 16.  There are several others on each O sitting around 8-10, but she didn’t seem concerned about those (too small).  They’ll call this afternoon to let me know whether to trigger or to come back for another check later in the week.

Update: Trigger Weds. morning, so I will most likely ovulate on Thurs. or Fri.  Any requests for a 2ww series?  We’ve done Q&A and picture posts — what would you like this time?


7 thoughts on “CD12

  1. That sounds like an excellent appt!

    I’m with ya on the HP7. I did buy it this weekend, but not til Saturday sometime at Sam’s while we were out. I’ve started on it, but not finished, and Rick is currently reading through all of the others before he starts on it. We’re in a media blackout at our house! 🙂

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