Game Day!

In typical Sharah-esque fashion, I have had an idea.  Absolutely amazing, isn’t it? 

In order to follow my rather convoluted thought process, you need a little background info.  On Friday morning, I was feeling rather low.  The beginning of a cycle is always tough for me, and I had gone to see a friend’s brand-new baby in the hospital Thursday night.  In an attempt to acknowledge and address my feelings instead pushing them away and pretending they weren’t there, I followed Mel’s lead and indulged in a few of my favorite things.  I wore my favorite perfume, I stopped for a mocha and the best cinnamon roll in town, and I put one of my favorite cd’s at work.  But in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think about how ironic my life has been lately.  Example: I married Manly because he was the only man I could ever imagine having children with, and yet I’m infertile.  Another: I’m so happy for my friend who just had the baby, and yet I could have really used finding out on a day when I didn’t wake up bleeding.  At one point the thought floated through my mind that perhaps the Heart of Gold was floating around outside somewhere.  And then I wondered how many bloggers would know what I was talking about if I wrote it down.  Thus the idea of Game Day was born.

Game Day is going to be an ongoing feature here at Outlandish Notions.  The rules are simple: I will give you a trivia question based on my extensive knowledge of random quotes, lines from movies, song lyrics, and book plots.  The first person to post the answer to the question in the comments will get house points, value to be determined by how hard the question was.  Questions can come at any time, as I use random quotes liberally – they won’t be posted on any kind of regular schedule.  At the end of the year, the person who has collected the most points will get … something.  I don’t know what it will be yet, but it will be something fun.  I think that this will be more fun if everyone doesn’t use google, but I can’t hold you to anything other than the honor system on that.

So on the inaugural Game Day question: what are the title and author of the book in which the Heart of Gold was introduced?  First person to comment with the answer (email doesn’t count) gets 10 house points and bragging rights.  Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Game Day!

  1. Shoot, I think Adrienne is right. The worst part is that although I am a giant fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide series, I didn’t remember the Heart of Gold stuff. I’ve always been hung up on the towel and the warblefish…

  2. Dang, I’m too late.

    May I share one of my favorite quotes from the book?

    “It was right, it would work and no one would get nailed to anything.”

  3. Um, that one was too easy, Remember all us peeps on the internet are ex-geeks and therefore very familiar with science fiction. Give us another one, a bit harder this time!

  4. Oh and following Kami’s lead, may I mention the ‘somebody else’s problem field or SEP? Very useful concept in every day life, although not introduced until ‘life the universe and everything’.

  5. Y’all are on top of things this morning! Question answered before I even rolled out of bed. 10 points to Adrienne 🙂

    And for all you fans, I just bought the compiled version of all five books in paperback, and then I saw another version in leatherbound hardback. So you can get all the books, if you don’t already have them, at once for less than 20 bucks.

  6. Dear Sharah,
    Just wanted to say that I can totally related to your post. I sometimes wonder if I was born under the irony star myself. Just as I was done telling some older friends (in their mid-late 50s) about how much progress I was making in my battle against letting negativity from infertility dominate my life …one of those women reached across the table and said, “I’m sorry Pamela, I don’t mean to hurt you but my big news is that my [unmarried and aimless] daughter and her boyfriend are accidentally pregnant with their third.”

    I could only guess the universe was testing me to see how much progress I’ve actually made…sigh.

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