Did I remember to mention that I’m on vacation this week?  Not going anywhere, just NOT going to work.  I’m not checking many blogs since I have to deal with Manly’s computer (which hates me), so I’ll see you all next week!

PS — Braces Bunch members, your cards went out on Monday.  If you don’t get them soon, let me know!


5 thoughts on “Vacationing

  1. Sleep in, relax, and enjoy your week off! I’ll be looking forward to getting your mail.

    In reference to your last post, I actually curse much more on my blog than I do in real life. Isn’t that funny that we are different like that?

  2. Just got the lovely card you sent in the mail. It brought a big smile to my face. I read it to my husband who was packing his suitcase to fly out this morning to, where? You guessed it! Huntsville. He’s there for a series of work meetings which means I should have more time than usual this week to catch up on the Braces Bunch and others. Wishing you a restful and relaxing week off…

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