An enforced break, it seems.

There are days when I love my job.  Then there are days when I want to thrust an ink pen through my own eye socket to put myself out of my misery.  Unfortunately, today was one of the latter — eight hours of facilitating a group of people who are trying to write a new vendor-creation procedure.  Luckily, I only had a dry-erase marker in my possession, so I’m still here.

So anyway.  Tell me, is it a good thing or a bad thing that I think I’m going to ovulate tomorrow?  I’ve got that uncomfortable full-ovary feeling that shows up the day before I ovulate, and it’s about the right time in my cycle.  But my husband is a hundred miles away and I won’t see him until Thursday.  I guess for a break cycle, it’s not that bad — I don’t have anything to obsess over for the next two weeks.  I just hate to skip a cycle, any cycle, where I might have a chance at getting pg.  I guess since I don’t have any choice in the matter, I should just let it go.

“Should” and “can” are two different things, though.


7 thoughts on “An enforced break, it seems.

  1. I totally agree…there are times I should let go and know that what will happen does….whether there is a chance or not. But I can’t. I hope you have a calm TWW based on the circumstances.

  2. i’m in an off-cycle right now too. my first in a really really long time. i barely know what to do with myself. i thought i was enjoying it, but now i’m no longer so certain of that. it’s a strange panicky feeling. i know it’s hard to let go…

  3. I am sorry that this month is somewhat of a forced decision. If you are forced to be on a break, then at least enjoy the rest of this cycle to the fullest extent!

  4. Thank God for dry erase markers! Whew!

    Damn if I wasn’t headed out of town, I could have used a booze fest. Oh, how an adult beverage would be nice RIGHT now. Even better if I could get my hands on some caffeine. Double fisting. Hmmm, yup, wish I could help you *forget* that you weren’t cycling because you have an overtired and intoxicated friend on your couch! 😉

  5. Geez, even on an unmedicated cycle skipping out can be frustrating. I know that feeling. I hope your timing is a little off or he gets to come home early. Then again, not even having the “what if” during the two week wait might take some pressure off.

  6. I hope you are enjoying the forced break. After over five years – and very unlikely for us to get pg on our own – I still want to catch that ovulation just in case. Tragically, I still find myself hoping just a little bit that it worked. Heck, I find myself hoping even when I know we didn’t catch the big O. I hope you are a little bit less crazy and this is a good, peaceful month for you.

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