If wishes were fishes …

… we’d all cast nets in the sea.  Thank you all for your good wishes on Friday — seeing them helped me get through the day.  That and an oreo blizzard from DQ on the way home.  But all the wishes in the world apparently won’t stop my period from showing up right on schedule.

I want to talk to my RE’s office, but I’m thinking that we might have to skip this cycle.  I have to be out of town for work CD16-CD19, but I’ve been consistently ovulating on day 15 or 16 on the medicated cycles.  I’m hesitant to do another femara/trigger cycle if I’m possibly going to be away from Manly during my window for ovulation.  Any advice and/or suggestions are welcomed on this one.


9 thoughts on “If wishes were fishes …

  1. I’m so sorry this cycle didn’t work out for you. I, too, have had problems with timing–having to work around M’s out-of-town schedule. If your doc is OK with it, I say go for it. It doesn’t sound like Femara is hell on earth for you, and if you can have sex on the morning of CD16, you’re good to go for at least 48 hours. Skipping a cycle absolutely sucks.

  2. i too would go with the ask your RE option. skipping a cycle does suck . . . however, it might help reduce stress this cycle if you’re going to be away during a critical time.

  3. Skipping a cycle does suck, but maybe you’d like a cycle to regroup, rather than the stress of worrying about ovulating a *precisely* the right moment. Or maybe skipping a cycle would be the worst thing for you right now. Everybody’s different. Think about what would cause you the most stress: skipping a cycle or trying to squeeze one in, and check to see what your doctor says about the timing. Then make your decision.

  4. The question is, how definite is the trip? If you skipped the cycle and it got cancelled…would you be more upset?

    Maybe go ahead with it, because you might ovulate early and you would be perfectly fine! If not, you could trigger on CD15 & make Manly work a little early and be fine. What does your RE think?

  5. I’m sorry this cycle didn’t work.

    As for your scheduling dilemma, Manly could always “bank” a sample to be used at the right time. Or you could take a month off. I never liked the take-a-month-off approach because I’m wildly impatient, but it seems to be just fine with many people.

  6. I’m sorry this cycle didn’t have a happy ending for you. Skipping one always made me crazy, but worrying about the timing would be even worse. Maybe take it as a break and treat yourself to some extra fun to make it pass by quickly?

  7. We all know that only RE will be able to give you your answer. It seems, though, like you already know what it’s gonna be(unfortunately.) It is certainly my opinion that you don’t want to wast the money, mood swings and hope if you aren’t going to be able to meet Manly at the right time. It SUCKS to have to wait longer, girl don’t I know it.
    But hey, if you take the cycle off, we can be off together (as I have a feeling I will have to sit the next few weeks out to let them good ole overies rest). Maybe we can plan a cycle off activity? What do you think.
    OF COURSE, I hope that maybe the timing will all work out…

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