The Wait in Pictures, Day 2: The Burritt Mansion

Last Friday, I did something very unusual for me: I went out by myself.  Now saying that sounds very odd — it’s not like I don’t go out alone all the time.  But I never go out to a museum, or to the movies, or even just down to the park all alone.  But there is a exhibition of antique wedding dresses at a local historical site that I wanted to see, and Manly had no interest in going with me.  Since I took Friday off to make a four-day weekend, I decided it was a perfect time to go up there. 

And it was perfect.  The sun was shining, summer has hit in full force down here, and I had no obligations to be anywhere else later that day.  I wandered through the mansion (which I now completely want to use as a model when I build a house — it has the most fantastic floor plan for a party house that I’ve ever seen) looking at the wedding dresses*, listening to the docent talk about the builder to another group that was there, and then I got to go out and wander the grounds.  The gazebo was set up for a wedding the next day, and the wedding party was milling around practicing their moves.  There’s also an overlook from which you can see almost the entire city; if it had not been so hot and hazy, I would have been able to see almost to the next city about 30 miles away.  The rest of the grounds are set up as a historical “preserve”: area houses from the 1800s have been moved up there, and there are cows and chickens and potbellied pigs.  Not really my thing, but it was cool to see real live sheep and dairy cows. 

After I left, I just wasn’t ready to go home.  So I went downtown and took pictures of the children’s fountain*, then walked over to the lake, up to Big Spring, and through part of the historical district.  It was a very good start to the weekend. 

*Look for these pictures to show up here soon.

10 thoughts on “The Wait in Pictures, Day 2: The Burritt Mansion

  1. Ok, we live in the same dang city, and I don’t know where you are talking about. Clue me in girl! At least I can blame my lack of knowledge about my own city on the fact I’ve only lived here a year and a half. It took me that long to go to the Space & Rocket Center. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time!

  2. Burritt is at the top of Montesano mountain. Just take Governor’s Dr. south, and there’s a big intersection at the top before you start going downhill again. Turn left there, and the entrance to the park is well-marked a little ways down the road on the left.

  3. My parents love to go to Burritt. They really like it when they have their farm days when they demonstrate things like making Sorghum and stuff like that. It’s kind of a neat place. We’ve also hiked down to the cross on the mountain from up there. That was a long time ago though. 😉 We used to go up there all the time. Haven’t done that in about a year now though.

  4. What a great exhibit! What woman doesn’t want to look at wedding dresses? Thank you for sharing your pictures!

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