The 2ww In Pictures, Day 1: View From A Hammock

Okay, the overwhelming response was for photos each day.  I have a few that I have in mind, but I’m open to requests as well, like Winks and JJ.  So if there’s anything you want to see, let me know.

To start off with, here is a picture of the view from my hammock in the back yard. 

Last night, Manly and I decided to smoke chicken wings for dinner.  After he started the grill, we curled up in the hammock and just spent an hour talking while everything cooked.  For us, time to just sit and be together with no distractions and no deadlines is scarce.  I really don’t remember what we talked about; I made a point not to bring up IF.  A few weeks ago, we were talking, and he mentioned that it didn’t seem like it had been trying for two years already.  I’m amazed that he doesn’t feel it like I do, but I want to be able to protect him from the anger and unhappiness that I feel as long as I can.  And if it means biting back the words during the time we have together to relax and be happy, I will. 


9 thoughts on “The 2ww In Pictures, Day 1: View From A Hammock

  1. I’ve given you a few to take pics of, but I’ll throw in some more…

    Your favorite spot in Huntsville.

    Something Manly has given to you, and something you gave him.

  2. The picture thing is a great idea! That looks like a beautiful view from your hammock and I am relaxed just from looking at the picture and listening to you talk about enjoying peaceful time with your husband. 🙂

  3. Oh how lovely!!! Looks so peaceful…

    Id like to see your favorite T-Shirt
    Shower (not with you in it..hehe–not getting TOO personal here!)
    Favorite flip flops or sandals

  4. Gorgeous photo, and great 2ww idea. Mind if I “steal” it? (though I will never be disciplined enough to post every day!!)
    I also loved the sentiment about wanting to protect Manil from the anger and unhappiness. You are a wonderful wife.

  5. Great idea – love the photo too!

    How about a picture of your pets (if you have them)

    A pic of something that is your favorite color.

    Have fun keeping busy during the 2ww!

  6. As a person who loves to scrapbook, I love to hear people tell their stories and share about their lives through pictures, but I rarely think to do it on my blog. Great idea! I should think about doing this more!

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