CD …. um, not really sure

It’s obviously way too damn early, since I honestly can’t remember what day I’m on.  13-ish, I think.

U/s showed two follicles, one on each side.  They were 22 and 27 mm, but I don’t know which was which.  Nurse ES complimented on how well I did this cycle; I’m not sure what exactly I did, but she was obviously pleased at how the follicles looked.  She also said it kind of looks to her that they might have already started to ovulate, and she’ll call me tonight to tell me whether I need to trigger.  I was already feeling a little tugging on each side this morning, and now that she looked around in there I’m actively feeling both ovaries. 

PS – survived S.outh Beach day 1.  Drooled over Manly’s cereal and milk this morning, but I’ve contented myself with tea and FF half-and-half instead.  Also, whoever invented sugar-free dark chocolate earned my eternal gratitude last night.  I’m hoping this no-carb thing gets easier after a few days.


9 thoughts on “CD …. um, not really sure

  1. Good news on the cycle!

    About the carb free thing – it DOES get better after a few days – supposedly your sweet tooth goes nuts for the first week or so of the induction part. Hang in there – it’ll be worth it in the end!!!

  2. Not sure about the no carb, but my low-carb diet got considerably easier after the first week. I’m not sure I would be a fan of South Beach, because who can truly give up carbs (even if only for a short time.) I don’t have that kind of will power. I will say though that 100 grams or less a day, I can do for a very long time. I’m on month five. If the S.B. goes belly up (not that I’m saying it will), you could always try my diet. When you can have carbs again, Hershey’s sticks kick serious ass. 100 cal, 12 g carbs, mmmmm. Ok, back to regularly shceduled programming….

    Your follicles rock sister! Hey, we’re ovulating together. Why, hello, cycle sista!

  3. Those follies sounds like they are right on track and getting big! I bet tonight will be the night!

    I have no idea how you are handling a no-carb diet. I personally couldn’t do it, so good luck to you!

  4. Two nice-sized follies you got there! And I am so with you on the sugar-free chocolate thang – Russell Stover makes the most fantastic lo-carb peanut butter cups, if you are so inclined. Delish.

  5. it gets way easier .. after the first week. By this time (in 3 weeks) you will be whistlin’ happy tunes and will have forgotten all the forbid foods

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