HSG Recap

So.  The HSG. 

Bottom line: could have been better, could have been worse.

First off, a big thank you to Becky and MomWinks for sitting with me at the hospital.  It was a lot less scary knowing that there was someone sitting out in the waiting room for me.  The procedure itself was uncomfortable all the way through: ice cold speculum (and much as I like Dr. Local, he knew it was cold — he warned me that it was cold!  Bastard.), the catheter hurt going in, they couldn’t get a good seal so I had contrast dye leaking out of me the whole time, and then them trying to force my right tube. 

My left tube was completely open; you could see the dye start to travel down almost immediately and it spilled with no problem.  But my right tube … the jury’s still out.  Despite my lack of creative skill, the picture below is my abstract impression of what I could see on the screen.  The left side, as you can see, looked fine.  But the dye did not travel down my right tube at all.  I even got to roll onto my right side to try to force some dye down through gravity, which hurt like a bitch, but didn’t work either.  Dr. Local told me afterward it is highly unusual for a tube to be blocked at that location, right up next to the uteurus.  He says that given my apparently normal physiology and the fact that my left tube is open, he thinks that a) he couldn’t get enough pressure to force dye down the tube because of the poor seal and leakage and/or b) the left tube was so open that the dye was choosing the path of least resistance and going that direction instead.   He did not seem very concerned immediately after the procedure, and I got the impression that he thinks I’m fine.

So, we’re going to continue this cycle and maybe 1-2 more with femara only.  But I’m unsure of what we would do after that.  My next appointment is on the 22nd for a follicle check, and I’m going to ask then what he recommends.  My gut instinct is that I would not want to go to IUI without doing a second HSG or a laparascopy to check out that right tube and see if we can find out what’s going on.  Because IUI + blocked tube = waste of money.

Physically, I’m okay.  I just have this memory of pain in my right side.  But emotionally, I could have done without the additional uncertainty.  Why can’t I ever get something simple: yes, you have xyz or no, you’re completely normal.  Instead I get this crazy, well clinically you didn’t spill, but I don’t really think it’s blocked, and it would be something highly unlikely to happen.  Augh!  I don’t want to think about this anymore.


12 thoughts on “HSG Recap

  1. You’re welcome, but no thank you was neccessary. That’s what friends are for.

    The lap sounds like a good idea. If it is covered by insurance. Just received my EOBs today, grand total is $21,000 for the proceedure. (Thank heaven it was covered.) I got my period six or seven days after my lap, and Dr. Local said we could cycle this cycle if we want to. So, not much recovery needed after that.

    I agree with you, more info is needed. No need to do an IUI if the tube is blocked. Let’s hope you get some answers and soon!

  2. Just popped over here…I’m glad one of the tubes is clearly open, but I’m so sorry to hear about the uncertainty with the other. I’m really glad you had someone there for support!

  3. I’m sorry that the test could give a little more definitive results and had to be so uncomfortable to boot. I wish these things could be easier!

  4. Glad you are feeling OK–sorry it wasnt more apparent-but good to know that you have one purty looking tube–and it sounds like Dr Local has a good plan and will be able to talk you through more answers when you go back. It sounds like it very may well have been a seal issue–sorry it was uncomfortable–glad Becky and mom were there for you!

  5. I am glad that your HSG is over. I ended up having 2 HSG’s. ( about 3 months apart) The same thing happened for me – my left tube was cooperative but nothing would flow out/to the right at all. a- leaky seal, b- way i was laying, c-blocked, d- all of the above, e- neither of the above … the second HSG revealed no blockage on either tube … hope that gives you a glimmer of hope

  6. I’m sorry the HSG was so disappointing, but I’m glad your doc doesn’t seem to be too concerned. IF never seems to give straight answers, does it? I hope it all gets figured out, or better yet, you don’t have to figure anything out and it just happens anyway.
    Still hoping for you.

  7. There are so many variables to all of this stuff, and that does get awfully frustrating. Keep your hope and know that others are hoping for you.

  8. HSGs bite the big one! That has to be my least favorite thing in life to do! Glad its overwith for you, but bummer about that uncertain right side! Now the good news! Did you know that there are increased odds for pregnancy for the first three cycles following an HSG?

  9. Ugh. You go through the angst before the procedure, the discomfort of the procedure, and you’re left with uncertainty. Where’s the justice in that? But it was encouraging to read Farah’s comment, above – her first HSG was just like yours, and the second showed no blockage.

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