Just Skip This One If You Feel Like It.

I’m remembering now why I normally post in the mornings.  I am completely brain-dead and just feel like sitting here and staring out the window. 

Anyway, I don’t have any witty or funny comments this evening.  I don’t have any M-Day horror stories to share; graduation was the name of the game yesterday.  The HSG is scheduled for tomorrow at lunchtime, and I will try to post the results tomorrow afternoon.  I’m going out tonight with some girlfriends for dinner, and I’m wondering whether to share the HSG news with them or not.  I distinctly remember having the thought earlier today “… this is why I haven’t told them — I should blog about it” but now I don’t remember what this was. 

Now that I’ve totally bored you all, I’m going to get out of here.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better blogging day.


6 thoughts on “Just Skip This One If You Feel Like It.

  1. Good luck with your HSG! I had mine a few weeks ago, and it ended up being so much easier-going than I’d anticipated (and had read about online!).

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I am sure you will do great tomorrow. Please let us know what happens tomorrow if you feel up to it.

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