Q&A, Day 4

Dcfullest, my partner in clomid, wants to know where I would like to travel.  Well, I’d love to ask Serenity to pack me up in her suitcase and take me to Italy.  But I’m sure she won’t go for that (I’m not small enough to carry on).  In all honesty, though, if I had the time and money, I would go on the Grand Tour of Europe.  With a couple of extra side trips thrown in to visit Madrid and the Egyptian pyramids.  Despite the whole I-turned-out-to-be-an-engineer thing, I have always enjoyed history and I love looking at art and architecture.  Can’t draw anything other than a straight line, and I build for safety factors instead of beauty, but I do enjoy those pursuits outside of my normal scope.  My interest in touring Europe really grows out of that — a desire to experience all of the paintings, sculpture, culture, and traditional foods (can’t forget those!) myself. 

On this side of the pond, I really, really want to go back to DC and visit the Smithsonian Museums, specifically the Museum of Natural History and the Air and Space Museum.  I also want to go to Las Vegas and experience the Strip in all its glory, and I want to visit New Orleans (not during Mardi Gras) (I do however, want to take Manly to Mardi Gras in Mobile, which I’ve been to before myself).  We’re hoping to go to Savannah this fall for our anniversary, but we’ve hoped that for the last few years, so there’s no telling if we’ll make it or not.  Unfortunately, our ability to travel for pleasure is limited by my work schedule, Manly’s number of vacation days, and inevitably money.  Oh!  I almost forgot — someday I want to go the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. 

Does it make me a total nerd that my dream travel schedule is almost totally dominated by museums and historical interest sites?

Anyway, speaking of travel, I’m leaving in about an hour for a few days away for work.  I’m going to try to post at night from the hotel to keep up with the Q&A series, so you don’t get a homework assignment while I’m gone.  But I will be posting much later than normal, so keep checking back in if I haven’t updated.


4 thoughts on “Q&A, Day 4

  1. Justin loooooves the Air and Space museum, and I think we’ve been there a dozen times. It always ends with me practically dragging him out kickin’ and screamin’. (I enjoy it too, but don’t tell him, ok?)

    So, once we get this procreating thing accomplished, we’ll all have to find a way to go and visit Europe together. Now that would make for some funny times!

  2. Ahhhhh. The Grand Tour – sounds fabulous dah-ling.

    And as far as I’m concerned, it’s not really a vacation if I haven’t visited some interesting museum. I certainly won’t judge you for that!

  3. Okay. We are dopplegangers. I am a museum WHORE. I love them and could live in them if it were socially acceptable. My family could visit me, of course.

  4. Do you remember a book called “From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler”? As a child, I loved the idea of sneaking into the museum and living there without anyone knowing.

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