U/s this morning showed one larger follicle and a whole bunch of 9-10 mm ones.  Waiting on Nurse Earlyshift to call me back and let me know a) if I should trigger or b) if I need to come back in a few days for another u/s.  Also, decided that we’ll do the HSG next cycle.  Apparently Nurse ES thought the receptionist has scheduled it this cycle, but that didn’t happen.  She offered to get me scheduled for tomorrow morning but I would prefer a little more time to get prepared for this kind of thing. 


5 thoughts on “CD10

  1. As wonderful as time is, all it will give you is more time to work yourself up about it. There is no way to prepare for it. I would just go for it tomorrow. Get it done and out of the way. That’s just me though. Everybody is different. 🙂

  2. Sorry — I’m in a migraine-fog this morning. I forgot to mention that I’m leaving tomorrow at lunch for a work trip. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to cram in a HSG before lunch and then drive three hours and spend the night alone out of town.

    After I get back, I’m probably going to be triggering, so that pushes us to next month.

  3. Hmm, I would’ve suggested getting the HSG tomorrow, too, until I saw your response to Winks. You really are more fertile after that procedure – I can personally vouch for that.

  4. Take care, and just to add another opinion, it really isn’t painful IMO. For me, it was nothing, maybe a cramp or two? Didn’t take very long…

    I know others talk about it a lot. I just don’t want you to get yourself too worked up ahead of time.

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