I really meant to post yesterday, but then I got distracted.  Remember my SIL’s candle ceremony?  I got up yesterday morning feeling really good, so I went ahead and put it together.  I had bought all the materials last weekend, but hadn’t had the inclination to work on it yet, so yesterday morning was a good thing.


After the first few days of finding out that she was pg, I’ve been able to accept the fact and move on.  That first week, I could not think about her without crying.  Now I’m starting to get to the point (three weeks later) where I can be excited for her.  We’re hoping to do the candle ceremony next weekend when some of the out-of-town girls will be visiting, so ask me if I still feel good after that.  I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt as much as it could.

I think part of the reason I’ve been able to move forward is because I’m letting myself hope for this cycle.  Yes, it’s dangerous and scary to think that there might be two new babies this Christmas (hers and mine), but I’m clinging to that idea.  I know it’s going to hurt like a bitch if this cycle is a bust, but right now it’s a comfort.  So I’m running with it.

4 thoughts on “Acceptance?

  1. The candle came out beautiful. Job well done! I think it is understandable to have a hard time dealing with her pregnancy, and I also believe you are doing a wonderful job as a friend and family member in supporting her. If you need to talk after the ceremony, give me a buzz!

  2. You are truly being the bigger person in this situation. Your future child(ren) will be proud of the person that you are.

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