Another drive-by post

Again, I’m on my way out the door for work, but never fear, I’m not going far.  Just far enough away that I won’t have internet access for the rest of the day.

I’m pretty sure that I ovulated yesterday.  My ovaries were aching all day, and I felt like I had golf balls in my pelvis.  Today the feeling of fullness is much less, although I could still tell you exactly where my left ovary is located.  So I’m calling this cycle done, and settling in for the 2ww.  I’m almost scared, because I’m already feeling hopeful.  I’m letting myself daydream about a last-ditch 2007 baby, maybe even in time for Christmas.  Hell, with this many follicles, maybe even twins.

 Today’s Wednesday, right?  That should tell you how this week has been for me.  Anyway, I’m taking off tomorrow and Friday, so hopefully I’ll be able to kick out a more substantive post in the morning.  While you’re waiting, why not head on over to Watson’s place and watch her IVF videos?  They’re well worth a look-see.


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