I currently have 5 follicles at 18-20mm or so, and at least one more in the 13-15mm range.  My left ovary, no kidding, looks like a basketball on the u/s with the way the follicles are overlapping each other. 

Dr. Local stepped in during the u/s, which was good, because Nurse EarlyShift was a little worried about my response.  He says that I have a slight over-response; the average number of follicles produced in response to clomid is 1.8 per cycle, and I’m averaging 4-5.  However, he’s giving us the same odds as last month: 20% chance of pg, with a 10-15% chance of twins and a 1-3% chance of triplets if pg does occur.  We’re willing to play those odds.

So now I’m waiting on my bloodwork results, which will be ready this afternoon.  Dr. L thinks that with the size of the follicles, I might have already started my LH surge this weekend.  If I’m already surging, I don’t have to trigger.  Otherwise I will trigger by myself tonight – alone – in a hotel room.  This is NOT going to be fun at all.

And with that, I’m off for another overnight trip for work.  Again, I’ll be back on Wednesday.  This time, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go help donate mammograms to underprivileged women.  Go on – it just takes a second!

Update:  I did it!  I gave myself the trigger shot all alone and I didn’t freak out! *happy dance*


10 thoughts on “CD13

  1. I’ll be thinking very lovely fertility thoughts for you. And hoping you have surged all on your own, yes, but really, the hcg shot is sub-cue, very easy, almost totally painless, so don’t worry too much.

  2. Unfortunately, I do have to trigger myself tonight :(. I can feel that shot lurking over there in the hotel room fridge. *sigh* I have a reprieve until bedtime since I’m supposed to shoot up right before I go to sleep. But this is going to suck.

  3. I’m glad you did the trigger on your own. I’m glad you are getting closer to another very good possibility. I will continue to think of you and send positive thoughts your way.

  4. While we weren’t there in the room to help administer the shot, just know that we were there with you in spirit. You’re never entirely alone when you have your Sitrrup Queen pals…

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