For me!

Like serenity, I thought I’d give you a peek at what arrived in the mail for me.  I participated in a “Fertility Fairy” gift swap at the end of the year (don’t look at me like that — these are NOT babydust people that I was swapping with) where each person who signed up sent some kind of fertility-related token or gift to their partner.  My fairy was running a little late, so I didn’t get my package until Monday night.  And look what it was!

A brand-spanking new cashmere reproductive system! 

With its very own egg!


It’s hard to see, but there is also a small moonstone charm tucked into the ute.  I am absolutely in love with this — it was so creative and thoughtful, and was a very bright spot in this 2ww.  DB, if you’re reading this, thanks again!


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