Seven Weird Things on 7dpo

Like Ms. C I am at a slight loss about what to post right now.  Actually, I have lots of things to post about, but nothing that’s short enough to write during my lunch hour.  So I’m going to take the advice from her commenters and run through the “7 weird things” meme.

  1. I cannot stand feet; looking at them is bad, touching them is worse, and someone else’s feet touching me is horrible.  Manly, of course, thinks this is incredibly funny and loves to touch my feet with his when we get in bed and watch me try to squirm away without falling off the bed.
  2. The thought of anyone else being in pain makes me want to throw up.  And it doesn’t have to be a serious injury; paper cuts make my stomach turn.
  3. I’ve never had any kind of surgery.  I didn’t realize this was so unusual until Dr. Local asked me about it at our first consultation.  I still have my tonsils, my appendix, my wisdom teeth were pulled while I was awake, and I’ve never broken a bone (other than my nose). 
  4. I’ve never watched an entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, or American Idol
  5. My husband’s brother is married to my sorority sister, whose sister is married to my brother-in-law’s fraternity brother, who left my department just before I started working here.  We don’t think that that makes us related.
  6. I’m an engineer.  In grad school.  That means I laugh at jokes like, “In the beginning … there was tape.”
  7. Despite being an engineer, I can actually spell very well.  I was the school spelling bee champion in sixth grade, and it just stuck with me.

So there you go.  Seven weird things about me to keep you entertained until I get through my midterm tonight.


3 thoughts on “Seven Weird Things on 7dpo

  1. Nope, not even that close. I saw part of two Grey’s shows: one that my MIL had on before dinner about a year ago, and the beginning of the one after last year’s superbowl. I’ve never seen anything more than the opening credits of Lost before I changed the channel. And American Idol just makes my skin crawl; I was forced to watch most of one of the audition shows from last season while at a friends’ house, but couldn’t stand to see the whole thing. Like I said, I’m a freak 🙂

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