14 vials of blood.  About 10 for all the mid-cycle bloodwork and the baseline for the glucose tolerance test, then 2 more at the one-hour mark, and another 2 at the end of two hours.  The nurse was as gentle as she could be, but every time she swapped out a vial on the end of the drawing needle, it would flex in the vein and … ow.  So now I have a really ugly bruise in my left elbow where she had to do the second draw from that side and both my arms are sore. 

On the upside through, my ultrasound showed 4 large follicles on my right side (13-15 mm range) and 4 smaller ones (7-9 mm) and my left ovary had one large follicle and 2-3 smaller ones.  My uterine lining was showing the first “stripe” on its way to the triple stripe pattern.  Nurse SAS is going to consult with Dr. Local and call me this afternoon with instructions on whether I will trigger this weekend, or come back in for another ultrasound next week.

Update: Nurse SAS just called.  It turns out that I had one 20-mm follicle on my right side (I didn’t catch that during the u/s) so Dr. Local has cleared us for the trigger shot tomorrow night between 7 and 9.  We are to get busy tonight and Sunday night to make sure that we have sperm in place before and after ovulation.  She did run through my twinning chances: Dr. Local estimates that we’re looking at a 20% chance of pregnancy, a 10% of that 20% chance of twins, and a 2% of that 20% chance of triplets.  So unless Manly comes up with an unexpected objection, we will be giving this a shot.


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