“The Elusive Male Perspective”

Manly survived the SA, but just barely, if you believe his version of the story.  Apparently, the process was just as humiliating as the whole dildocam experience is for women.  I asked him if he wanted to go out to dinner when I called to see how it went; his response, “No, I feel violated and I just want to stay home.”  At which point I couldn’t control my laughter anymore and had to promise to make him dinner to make him feel better.

(Sorry, I’m laughing at him again as I write this, give me a second.) 

Okay, so moving on. 

Tomorrow morning, I go in for my glucose tolerance test at 7:30 and I should be done by 9:30 or so.  I will also get to donate god knows how much blood for all the tests they have checked off on my sheet and get a ultrasound to check my follicle growth.  Then tomorrow night, I get to start metformin with dinner — doesn’t that sound fun?  So if anybody wants to chime in with tips on how to deal with the met side effects, I’m listening.  I’ve heard that going on a low-carb diet really helps to fend off the unpleasant gastric effects and that taking it with dinner will help with the nausea.  Anything else I should know going into this?


6 thoughts on ““The Elusive Male Perspective”

  1. Sorry, no advice about metformin, but I’m laughing about your husband’s description of his S.A. I mean, trust me, I’ve never ever had an org@sm during any of my fertility treatments. If ONLY I could be the man in this situation!

  2. Please oh please! He got to look at bad porn (oh, um, so I hear!), and didn’t have a whole group of people observing! Although, I know it must be tough to perform under pressure. Hats off to the hubby!

  3. My husband was a trooper about the whole SA thing, but when we were driving home I could tell he was a bit flustered. I asked what was up and he said, “That little old lady (the doctor) had . . . . I can’t . . . . I didn’t even know they MADE po*rn like that. And she looked so sweet!” I burst out laughing and have been chuckling about it ever since.

    God bless Manly and his violated self!

  4. I know, the poor pitiful little thing 🙂 Much as he complains, he would go in and do it again if he had to. He just milking it for all the sympathy he thinks he can get.

  5. Ha ha, Sharah, you said “milking it.” (I know, I am twelve).

    I have plenty of advice on the Metformin. Mainly to make certain that you are on the extended release, and take it with food or a glass of milk. Up your dose slowly. If you take the extended release, you can take it before bed and sleep through most of the side effects.

    Hopefully you will get knocked up this cycle and none of this advice will be needed!

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