Clomid and Me

Today is my last day of clomid for this cycle. 

As a milestone, it is surprisingly unremarkable; clomid doesn’t bother me the way it does a lot of women.  No bloating, no weight gain, no fuzzy vision, and I’ve never fallen victim to the famed “clomid rage”.  The only side effect that I notice is the hot flashes at night, but those are easily remedied when it’s 26 degrees outside. 

If this cycle goes like the last time I took clomid, then I’m going to be at a lull for a week or so.  My ultrasound on Friday will tell the tale, I’m sure, but until then it feels like nothing’s happening. 

That’s not a reassuring feeling. 


4 thoughts on “Clomid and Me

  1. Glad to hear you experienced no major (life-altering) side-effects. This is all trial enough without adding that to it.

    And fingers-crossed that the U/S on Friday brings good news!

  2. Hold onto that hope and plan something good for the lull. Dinner at a new restaurant. Buy a used movie at Blockbuster. Something special to make it feel like you’re not waiting…

    I’m glad you don’t have many side effects. At least that’s a relief!

  3. Thanks for the offer, but I think I’m okay. It’s just hard to believe that anything’s happening when I get no side effects. The first time I took clomid, I ended up feeling like I had golf balls instead of ovaries right before I ovulated, so hopefully things are progressing this time as well.

    Counting down to Friday though.

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