RE Dreams

Last night I dreamed about my upcoming RE appointment. 

  1. My parents were there, along with my brother and sister.  My dad would NOT stop talking about what HE thought the doctor should do.  My little sister was whining about having to be there at all, and how she was ready to leave. (Channeling my angst there, you think?).
  2. The doctor would start talking to me and Manly, but then a nurse would interrupt him and he’d have to go work with another patient before he could ever get around to the point.  Every time he’d start to talk with us, this would happen.  Manly was angry and wanted to leave and find someone else to work with, but I was begging him to hear this doctor out.
  3. The room we were in wasn’t actually a room, but more like a cubicle with half-walls.  I climbed up on one of the walls and just sat on the top watching the people walk by.  It bothered me that there wasn’t more privacy, but the noise and distraction of the bustle was what really made me upset.
  4. Suddenly the cubicle became a concrete ‘island’ between two swim lanes and the someone walking by pushed the cubicle wall over and it knocked all of us into the water.

I guess I’m more worried about this than I realized.


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